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My son, Jonathan, attended Woodford Christian preschool and then started kindergarten at Woodford Christian School. Jonathan is our youngest and he was not a “school boy”. He was more of a “stay at home with mommy boy”, unlike our other children. So, preschool was very stressful. The thought of kindergarten put knots in my stomach, and I knew the only place for him was in the half day program at Woodford Christian School.

The beginning of the year he did not separate well from mom or dad but his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Kelly Jones, poured out her heart and love to him. She graciously let me walk him to her room if needed. She always sent me a text if I left him crying to assure me that he was fine. I could text her at any time during the day if I happen to be worried about him. And, she was quick to text me if he ever complained of being sick. This personal and fast communication helped Jonathan and myself. In fact, Jonathan absolutely loved Mrs. Jones and even though he didn’t always want to leave mom, he was always ready to see Mrs. Jones. I always thank Mrs. Jones for her patience with Jonathan and his “quirkiness”. So, by December, Jonathan was asking to go to school all day. In January we transitioned to full day kindergarten. This was a HUGE step for my little guy and I know kindergarten in the public schools would have been much different. I’m so grateful to Woodford Christian School and the personal relationships that each teacher builds with her students and parents. Jonathan sailed through first grade loving Mrs. Evans, and we came to love Woodford Christian School and our “family” there even more. He was also excelling academically and his biblical knowledge truly amazed me! I love that homework is sometimes to memorize scripture. What a blessing!

As if we weren’t already so grateful and appreciative of Woodford Christian School, their true heart was demonstrated to us when Jonathan was in 2nd grade. My husband was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and underwent a bone marrow transplant. Our lives were turned completely upside down and I was not able to be the “plugged in” mom that my children were used to. In fact, we spent so much time in the hospital that I was away from my children for weeks and weeks at a time. Mrs. Meade and Woodford Christian School took care of Jonathan when I could not. They loved all over him, parented him, taught him academics, taught him the bible, taught him life lessons, extended grace to him and made him feel special in a very uncertain time in his life. I truly felt like all the staff looked out for him and went out of their way to comfort him. They stepped in and helped parent him when I was checked out. My husband’s diagnosis came 6 days before Jonathan’s 8th birthday. Mrs. Kelly Jones, other staff and parents planned a wonderful 8th birthday for him after school with inflatables and all! I remember I left the hospital to go to the school for his party and just sat in awe that they were able to throw this party together in such short notice and they loved Jonathan and my family enough to do such a special thing for us. Friends, that is the true biblical expression of loving your neighbor. Mrs. Evans started a Facebook page for us, spearheaded collecting items for our house, organized a bone marrow drive and many other things. Woodford Christian School families donated items and money to my family. Mrs. Jones went shopping for school pants for Jonathan because his were too short and the teachers cooked meals for our family. This group of teachers and staff went above and beyond to help our family. Most importantly, the school held school wide times of prayer dedicated to praying for my husband. At this time, I didn’t care if Jonathan was learning academics, but what I did care about was his entire school united to pray for his daddy.

So, as you see, I am very impressed with Woodford Christian School. Did I mention we live in Mercer County and drive 25 minutes to school? This is well worth it and in the beginning we did not plan for Jonathan to stay at WCS for so long but now we can’t imagine him not being there. They have chapel every Thursday morning and this is Jonathan’s favorite part of the week. What a joy to know my child is hearing a testimony from someone in the community, singing praise and worship songs and having prayer in school! Jonathan is strong academically. He has great biblical knowledge and scripture memorization. The personal connections, small class sizes, chapel, prayer and the Christian environment is priceless. If you are trying to make a school decision for your child, I urge you to visit WCS and check it out for yourself. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Angela Logdon, WCS parent

As a mom and an educator, I put the upmost importance on my children's schooling. A student spends seven hours a day, five days a week in the environment and influence of their school. After much research and prayer, my husband and I chose Woodford Christian School for my young children and have been very pleased with our decision. Teacher's are the heart of any school and WCS has amazing and gifted teachers who challenge students academically as well as nurture their social and spiritual development. Small class sizes enable teachers to really get to know each student and allows them to form a partnership with families to work to provide an ideal environment for learning. The entire staff is motivated, caring and fiercely protective of their students' safety and innocence. I highly recommend WCS if you are looking for a small, Christian setting for your child's early education

Emily Schwartz, WCS parent

Our story is with WCS is a story of Grace. After noticing our oldest son struggling with simple tasks like zippers, doors, and peculiar pencil grips we were sent to Cardinal Hill where he was diagnosed with Dyspraxia, Sensory Deficit Disorder, and little to no muscle tone in both hands. He was in 2nd grade at Woodford Christian. As any parent, upon hearing the news, I was worried about maintaining his academic progress as well as his emotional health and personal self-esteem. We were told at least 18 months in Pediatric Occupational Therapy and continued therapy at home. After meeting with Cara Meadows (WCS Principal), I walked away no longer feeling alone on the battlefield, but rather like the reinforcements were being called in. His second grade teacher encouraged him and challenged him in ways that kept him at pace with the rest of the students. Ms. Meade helped teach him personal accountability and focus. His third grade teacher, Ms. Padgett taught him to recognize his strengths and build on them. His fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Branham is teaching him to understand his place in the world and his value in it. In addition to the individual contributions, all his teachers and staff have kept him on pace academically where he is successful with high marks in every subject. He is not aware he has these deficits, but rather believes himself to be on par with all other children his age (much to the surprise of his therapist, he is in fact on par with all other students!). The staff have also helped to reinforce the Christian values we teach at home, giving him courage to be a witness to family members, church members, and friends. Our testimony is that a therapy program that was scheduled to take 18 months was completed in only 7 (with continued activities at home). Our son has accomplished daily activities as well as academic milestones we were warned could take years in the same time as his classmates. He has never fallen behind largely in part to the dedication of the teachers and staff at WCS. They provided a safe, strong, supportive environment that has allowed him to not only thrive but achieve in advanced stages. Our family testifies that Caleb has overcome his struggles to the point that they are practically non-existent. He has done this because of the Grace of God, and that Grace came in the form of Woodford Christian School.

Jo Lauderdale, WCS parent

My name is Randy Nation and I am the minister of Woodford Community Christian Church. As the father of four children, my wife and I were very concerned about their education. We wanted it to be sound academically but also to instill the same values that we hold in our family and church. As we discussed options, we considered the possibilities of Christian School. I knew they would get the Spiritual perspective that we wanted, but my primary concern was that they get the academic foundation as well. When I reviewed the Abeka curriculum, I knew that they would get at least as good as education in Christian School, if not better, and that they would be in a Christian environment. Some people say that you cannot “shelter” your children all their lives, that they have to live in the real world. My response is that I don’t want to shelter them, but I do want to give them a good foundation upon which to grow. I compare it to starting new plants in a “hothouse” environment so that they will develop strong roots. Then when they are transplanted into the real world, they can not only grow strong themselves, they can influence others as well.

So we made the decision to put our children in Christian school. All four of them had at least a few years of Christian education, in two different schools. Our children are grown now and looking back, I am so glad that we made the commitment. Yes, it was tough at times financially, but God always provided. And it was inconvenient, no school buses, prepared lunches, or some of the luxuries of public school. We had to do a lot of the work ourselves, serving as board members and volunteers. I could tell you some hilarious fundraising stories that didn’t raise any money. And it wasn’t always perfect, people are people, even Christians. But I have to say, that I would do it all over again to get the results that we have experienced with our children. They are far from perfect, but they are all excellent students and maturing adults. When they did leave the “hothouse” they were overly prepared academically, socially, and especially spiritually. They fit right into public school and became leaders and influencers for Christ. (If I sound a little proud, it is because I am!)

This is a totally unsolicited testimony from someone who has experienced both public and Christian school and I will tell you with no hesitation, that you need to consider Christian School, especially for your young children. We are privileged to have such a school in our community, Woodford Christian School that will provide this education. In fact, two of my children are alumni of WCS. Their experiences there are some of their best memories and it put them on the road to academic and spiritual success. I am confident that you will never regret giving your children the gift of Christian education.

Randy Nation, WCCC Senior Minister

I am so glad I stayed at Woodford Christian School through seventh grade because it prepared me for eighth grade at Woodford County Middle School. WCS formed me into a confident person, but not only as a person but in my work. WCS also prepared me by pushing me to do my best! Another way I was prepared was it helped me choose right from wrong and not give in to peer pressure. I liked WCS because the teachers are great, and I had fun being me!

Mackenzie Senters, WCS alum

Woodford Christian School has been a true blessing for our family. Our family has been involved with the school since 2005, when our then - three year old daughter, Olivia, joined Velicia Hysell's preschool class. Mrs. Hysell proved to be a wonderful, loving, gifted teacher, and Olivia became a happy part of WCPS' vibrant, supportive Christian environment. In 2007, Olivia returned home to take part in our family's home school curricula, and we found her to be thoroughly prepared - socially, spiritually, academically and emotionally - for our Christian Kindergarten program.

Later, in 2009, our daughter Maddie chose to attend WCS for seventh grade, and my husband and I believe that that year spent with Cara Meadows and the WCS team - teachers and student friends - has been the single most important and meaningful year of Maddie's development as an academically - prepared young Christian adult. Her small classes provided her a superior academic environment and the ability to develop strong, supportive bonds with her teachers and peers, while the small size of the school itself nurtured a sense of "family", spiritual unity, and a sense for Maddie of her own special value and place in the world through Christ. Helping teachers in other classrooms... carrying out special tasks or responsibilities for office/administrative staff... helping a first grader learn to read in her primer... lending assistance with a Silent Auction... boxing clothing for a Free Store on mission in Harlan County... these are only a few examples of the learning and service opportunities granted Maddie that year.

Mary Jackson, former WCS parent

Ever since I was three years old and in pre-school all the way up to seventh grade, WCS has always been a big part of my life. The part that I missed the most, after moving to Woodford County Middle School in eighth grade, was the relationships that you build in a small environment like Woodford Christian. I am not saying that you can't find those kinds of relationships at the middle school; it is just harder in a public school. I mean, everyone felt as if they were a part of your family from the students to staff. As I look back now, I realized how advanced the curriculum was. When I moved to the middle school, the first half of the year was like a review to me! Seventh grade at WCS really helped me adjust to the middle school because it wasn't as hard to learn as I had thought it would be. But, most of all, I miss recess!

Allie Graebe, WCS alum

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